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Carnage Series

2008-04-25 20:47:43 by pbuddyj

Here another picture of him holding his BAS (Big ass Sniper)

For more information about this Series go to my 3rd Post

EDIT : Here's the first few seconds to the carnage "trailer". I didn't make the background yet or the enemies, so he's just shooting into air.

LINK!!! :D

Carnage Series


2008-04-25 20:08:30 by pbuddyj

I'm making a new series called Carnage. It's still in develpment, but I''ll post small teasers of it on my page. So check my page daily to see new posts about it. As I have said, I have gotten much better since my last two movies. The series is about a masked killer, who kills people, pretty much like madness. It looks like madness, but I'm trying my best to make it look original so once it's done, don't say It's a complete madness rip off. Here's a little picture of the main character. I'm going to add more detail and make it a little less madnessy as I get farther into the making of the animation. Well here you go.
(The weird dance he's in is because I made an animation of him dancing.)


Hmm should i continue it???

2008-03-24 12:06:24 by pbuddyj

Hey i was just wondering if you guys think that i should continue that flash animation and post it on newgrounds? The link to it is in the other post


2008-03-20 20:12:08 by pbuddyj

I NEED A NAME FOR MY ANIMATION!!! It's just blob fighting. I need a name that doesn't sound anything like madness or would make someone think it is just like a cover or something of madness. ITS NOT! I need a good name that will atract people, and, unless you come up with a really good name with it, I dont really want the word "blob" in it.

Here's a link of it. Its not done and I haven't done any of the special effects like blood or anything yet , so it's just the "raw" material.

Link to Movie

If the link didn't work, copy and paste this to the adress bar - /72544_Blob_disturbed.php