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Hmm should i continue it???

2008-03-24 12:06:24 by pbuddyj

Hey i was just wondering if you guys think that i should continue that flash animation and post it on newgrounds? The link to it is in the other post


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2008-03-24 14:26:18

i think you will continue i am not really so good on animation but i like doing it like you i think ... or yea just do it for fun for flash !

pbuddyj responds:

Yea its pretty easy, just tweening :D but the thing is, whenever im making a flash animation for a long time, its really gay but i get bored of it so i want to make something new so for me, i have like 1000 unfinished animations


2008-03-29 14:58:57

I watched it, but what happened to the armored guy, and yes i like the (mercublobury wars)blobs.

pbuddyj responds:

The armored guy gets shot in the back.. O wait maybe i didnt upload the farther version. I will if u guys want


2008-04-05 09:44:21

i posted the anwer in your "i need help" topic


2008-04-06 05:20:02

oh well, just add;
under the if(Key.isDown) statements

instance name must be man.


2008-04-07 05:52:16

oh and dude sorry if im coming across as an asshole ive just been tired lately, id continue the movie if i was you. but that script is what you want.

pbuddyj responds:

Thanks man, and no ur not an asshole :D